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Press release

6 MARCH - 18 APRIL 2009
Art and Design Gallery, Hatfield
Gallery Opening Times: 9.30am - 5.30pm Monday to Friday

Opening Reception: Thursday 5 March 6.00pm - 9.00pm

Featured artists

Moira Blackwell, Alexandra Buhl, Graham Carrick, Linda Duong, Sarah Evans, Nathan Horton, Garry Hunter, MatthewKolakowski, Ellis Leeper, Peter Mackertich, Michael Mayhew, John Perivolaris, Clifton Stewart, Jonathan Turner, David Snoo Wilson, Kazimierz Zakrzewski-Rucinski

University of Hertfordshire Galleries is delighted to present Responses to Conflict and Loss, aninternational group exhibition curated by Garry Hunter and produced by the arts collective Fitzrovia Noir. The exhibition is a showcase of work in different media, drawing its inspiration from the widely dispersed geography of 20th Century conflict including reflections from Cambodia, France, Spain, Northern Ireland, Romania and Vietnam.

Sixteen visual artists have been invited to exhibit a range of photographs, video projections, and installations.

In his on-going project Soil Archive, David Snoo Wilson takes soil samples from places where atrocities have been committed and places it in individual containers with grass seed from the same location. The resulting grass explores the physical reality of re-growth in the aftermath of atrocity, and is nurtured in Wilson's studio before being installed and allowed to grow throughout the exhibition.

More personal reflections on loss and conflict include the paraphernalia of Michael Mayhew's live art performances in which the artist's own blood becomes a metaphor for internal conflict centered on a suicide note left by his father in 1978.

Underlining the fact that conflict can also be an individual and internal process Mayhew's Chromosone works, which were made in performative collaboration with New York disco revival band Hercules and Love Affair. Each of the works one represents a member of the band and its transgender vocalist - the series references the confusions of indeterminate gender identity.

Other artists include Moira Blackwell, whose portraits of seemingly passive elderly residents believe the personal heroism that marked the prime of their lives; and Clifton Stewart, whose macro photographs deal with the blurring of play and conflict, raising the questions "What do we see?" and "Is it real or imaginary?".

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Conflict and Loss


News from Peterborough City Council

Responses to Conflict and Loss exhibition at Space4 Gallery

18 June 2008

Communications Team
Town Hall

 Following its successful showcase at The Crypt below St Pancras Church in central London, a new collection of work by 16 artists will open at the Space4 Gallery at Peterborough Museum on Veterans Day, which falls on Friday 27 June this year.

The exhibition, entitled 'Responses to Conflict and Loss', features work from locations where 20th Century wars have taken place, including Cambodia, France and Spain, as well as more personal reflections in places such as Northern Ireland, Romania and Vietnam. Exhibits range from photographs, to video projection, to installations and the show has generated a lot of interest from other galleries throughout the country.

An official Press launch is planned to give visitors the chance to meet the exhibition's curator, Garry Hunter, and some of the participating artists.  The Press launch will be from 12.00 noon until 2 pm on Friday 27 June at The Space4 Gallery, at Peterborough Museum in Priestgate.

Participating artists include David Snoo Wilson, who has collected earth and grass seeds from European conflict sites including Ypres, Dresden and The Somme, Moira Blackwell, whose portraits of seemingly passive elderly residents belie the personal heroism demonstrated in the prime of their lives and Clifton Stewart, whose macro photographs deal with the blurring of play and conflict, raising the questions 'what do we see?' and 'is it real or imaginary?'.

Clifton, who is the manager of the Space4 Gallery, said: "It is a great honour to be asked to exhibit as part of a national touring show and I am delighted we are able to exhibit such a broad ranging show in Peterborough" The curator of the exhibition and one of the participating artists is the London based artist Garry Hunter. Gary said: "The aim of the exhibition was catharsis rather than shock tactics, with much of the work being very personal."

Garry mainly works with photography, but has produced a neon piece for this show, which reflects the age at which the great-uncle he never knew died during the Normandy landings.

He said: "Each artist has their story to tell. Mine began when I was given an unusual metal-faced watch by my father that belonged to the soldier that was my great-uncle. It was the only thing left of him, sent back to his parents after he was killed in action."

The 'Responses to Conflict and Loss' exhibition will be at The Space4 Gallery at Peterborough Museum, from Friday 27 June until Saturday 30 August. Anyone interested in forthcoming exhibitions and displays at the Space4 Art Gallery should contact Clifton Stewart.



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