Monroy - Perez - Fowst - Fordwoh - Allmont - Buhl


TBW First Weekends presents 




Curated by Graham Carrick of Fitzrovia Noir CIC

Funded by Trinity Buoy Wharf Trust

Private view 04/07/2013 6pm till 9pm Exhibition runs From 05/07/2013 - 07/07/2013 12 noon - 5pm

The Electrician's Shop, Trinity Buoy Wharf, Orchard Place, London, E14 0JY

DLR East India

Hello and welcome I am FLUXION, I am an exhibition. I am the ebb and flow of a constant state of change. I am a sound that never repeats, I am a conundrum for the eyes, and I am objects reconstituted for your pleasure. Hello I am FLUXION.

Some international spice brought together with some good old English mustard makes for a show with some real punch. Allmont, Buhl, Monroy, Perez, Fowst and Fordwoh will fill your head with a selection of work that will entice and intrigue visitors, utilising objects and images and thoughts that are often discarded - the artists will give this detritus a second chance at life, resurrected and re-presented for you the audience enjoy.

FLUXION's constituent parts are :

Guillermo Monroy (Mexico) Adolfo Kodema Perez (Venezuela) Jackson Fowst (UK) Aaron Fordwoh (UK) Alex Allmont (UK) Alexandra Buhl (Denmark)

Guillermo Monroy draws on his passion for art and music to produce joyous and imaginative sculpture reviving old musical instruments along with items that others might mistakenly deem as trash

Adolfo Kodema Perez - a multi-talented artist working in a variety of media and has a growing reputation internationally.

Jackson Fowst - this will be one of the first exhibitions to feature the work of this reclusive artist. Discovered by chance by Mas Civiles', Manuel Sanmartin, Fowst will soon to be added to the growing Mas Civiles roster of represented artists. Fowst will be working with the Sunshine Garden Centre and award winning merchandiser Marco De Jongh for FLUXION.

Aaron Fordwoh is an artist with skills beyond his years debuting at FLUXION while preparing to begin his degree at St Martins. Aaron will be producing an op-art inspired work for the exhibition.

Alex Allmont will be presenting several of his musical LEGO sculptures that playfully explore the boundaries between consonance and dissonance. His research at Oxford Brookes aims to gently hold the audience between shifting states of attention, as part of his interdisciplinary practice.

Alexandra Buhl is an established international photographer who will show photographs from her Lykkepillen (Happy pill) Series, where she creates a dystopian world that hovers between the beauty of an impressionist painting and a nightmarish vision.

One artist will be commissioned to create an enduring and relevant addition to Trinity Buoy Wharf's growing art collection.