Urban Art: The World as a Canvas by Garry Hunter
Norman Fletcher, Perth, Australia :

"Exceptional pieces of art from around the world that would bring a
smile as well as wonder to brighten many a person's day. Real works of
art rather than the usual pointless graffiti often seen on our city streets!"

Andros Zacharia, Limassol, Cyprus :

"Thoroughly enjoyed it. Good coverage from different areas from around
the world, from renowned street artists to up and coming street
artists. Good work Garry Hunter."

This vibrant and cutting-edge fully illustrated 128 page book charts the development of urban art from its European roots in the late 1960s
with Ernest Pignon Ernest, contrasted with Kent Twitchell in early 1970s LA coming right up to the present day. An increasingly prominent and
eloquent feature of the modern cityscape, urban art encompasses installations ranging from large scale illusory murals,and 3D pavement art,
right down to miniature paintings on discarded cigarette stubs. This book goes right under the skin of the concepts behind the work, exploring
the motivations and messages inherent in this global movement, using recycled art, performance art and pastiches thatsynthesize myriad cultural
influences. Artists featured include tarmac interventionist Roadsworth, cardboard vehicle constructivist IceCreamVanMan, spraypaint pointillist
Jimmy C, illusionists Sten & Lex and many more artists from locations as diverse as Casablanca, Capetown, Marseilles, Montreal, Berlin and Bristol.
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Street Art: From Around the World by Garry Hunter
Fenris Oswin, London :

"I have this book on my shelf with a few others on street photography and art.
Split in to the various techniques of art creation, it leads the
reader through an exciting visual tour of where street art is
today.Excellently put together and the accompanying text by Garry
Hunter shows that the author knows what he is on about.If you have any
interest in street art, you will already have this book either on
order or already in your collection !"

Jessica Robyn, USA :

This book is easy to read, there aren't a lot of long or drawn out
paragraphs, and it provides talking points that I just haven't seen in
other books about street art. One of the most fascinating instances of
this in the book was Nek Chand from Chandigarh, India and his Rock
Garden. It takes street art to an entire new level."

This book is an exciting introduction to the world of street art featuring major street art practitioners including Banksy, Eine, Blek le Rat, Os Gemeos and Evol. A colourful combination of eye-catching imagery and well-informed commentary, it is a thought-provoking presentation to this hotly topical subject. Street art is cutting edge creative phenomenon that is growing in popularity as people recognize artworks as valuable assets rather than mere graffiti. Divided into sections looking at the main techniques used by street artists: Stencil, Paint and Poster, there is also a section on 3D and Miniature street art. With a detailed introduction on the development of street art and an epilogue looking at what the future holds, this is a vibrant, colourful book at a competitive price. Garry Hunter is a professional photographer and independent curator. Based in London, he is the founder and Creative Director of the Fitzrovia Noir community arts initiative, a group that specialises in installations in non-gallery spaces and urban sites undergoing major transition.

(+ postage: £5)

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